Sophia's Professional Experiences

Teacher Professional Development, Research & Consulting and Project Management

Most of Sophia’s professional experience falls into three branches of work: teaching and teacher professional development, research and consulting, and project management. She has worked and volunteered for a variety of organisations both in the public and private sectors in the United States and abroad, including the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Costa Rica, and the United Kingdom, and has worked remotely as a consultant for various countries in the region of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sophia's CV:

Research & Consulting Positions

In addition to the educational and community-development experiences above, Sophia has worked or volunteered as a researcher and consultant for a variety of institutes and organisations. These include:

Research and consultancy projects have focused on two main topics: education and cross-cultural training. Examples include the preparation and drafting of large-scale systematic literature reviews on secondary education in Africa; designing teacher training modules on gender-responsive teaching and teaching in conflict-affected areas; providing cultural training for international volunteers teaching in the Dominican Republic; participating on the advising board for a Haitian-based NGO; as well as conducting market research on diversity and equality training initiatives in the corporate sector. For more on Sophia’s roles, responsibilities, and achievements at her various positions, you can download her CV here.

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