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Sophia M. D'Angelo, MPhil, PhD Since 2016 I have been studying at the University of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom. I graduated with a Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) in Education, Globalisation and International Development from the Faculty of Education (2017) and am now pursuing a PhD at the Faculty’s Research in Equitable Access and Learning (REAL) Centre.

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Teacher Training in the Dominican Republic with the DREAM Program from 2015-16.
Non-traditional research methods with students in the Dominican Republic.
Presenting at the CSA Conference in July 2019. See my blog for more.

Professional Experience

My personal and professional experiences have led me to focus on three main areas within the field of education: teaching and teacher professional development; cross-cultural training for diversity and inclusion; and desk-based research for writing literature reviews and reports that advocate for policy reform. I am especially interested in the synergies between these areas and exploring how desk-based research and consulting and be implemented in the field to capacitate local actors and create productive and sustainable change.

Teaching and Teacher Development

I see teaching as both a technical and affective profession in which not only teachers need to provide cognitive and socio-emotional support to diverse groups of students, but also teachers themselves need to be supported within the larger school and policy structures. I use evidence-based research to develop teaching and teacher training curricula and design professional development models that support teachers to become agents of change in their classrooms.

Cross-Cultural Training, Diversity & Inclusion

Today more than ever, educational policy makers and practitioners need to recognize and appreciate the cultural diversity of the people they work with. My aim is to equip the people I train with knowledge and skills that allow them to promote culturally relevant curriculum and pedagogy, and to challenge their own unconscious biases within school and classroom settings. This includes addressing issues of gender, race, ethnicity and cognitive and socio-emotional needs.

Research, Consulting and Policy

I have a variety of experiences using evidence-based research to write literature reviews and reports that advocate for policy change. I'm especially interested in using the synthesis of quantitative data and anecdotal evidence to inform the development and implementation of interventions across different contexts. Reports that I have contributed to have included topics such as the scalability of innovations in developing countries, and teacher education policies and interventions, among others.